Class BigIntegerUtil

  extended byde.cscc.crypto.util.BigIntegerUtil

public final class BigIntegerUtil
extends Object

BigIntegerUtil Class.

This is a wrapper class for frequentliy used methods that are missed in the BigInteger class. Because BigInteger is immutable we are not able to extend this class.

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Uwe Günther

Method Summary
static byte[] toUnsignedByteArray(BigInteger signature)
          Cuts a leading 0x00 byte that indicates that this number is non negative.
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Method Detail


public static byte[] toUnsignedByteArray(BigInteger signature)
Cuts a leading 0x00 byte that indicates that this number is non negative.

BigInterger#toByteArray returns a two's-complement representation of the BigInteger. This does not matter because we hav a non negative number (number >= 0). Two's Complement uses the leftmost bit (most significant bit) for the sign bit. Because BigInteger represents infinite numbers, there is no concrete sign bit. This isn't realy a problem for us, because positive numbers has no sign bit. But what, if a positive number where the leftmost bit in its leftmost byte is set? Is it a negative or a positive number? For these cases BigInteger#toByteArray adds a whole 0x00 byte add the left side to indicate this number is positive. This byte is bad for us, so we want to filter it out in this method.

signature - the signature that will be converted to an unsigned byte[].
NullPointerException - if signature is null.
IllegalArgumentException - if signature is a negative number.
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